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Why is Pan de Muerto (DAY OF THE DEAD BREAD) so Popular in México




Traditionally, pan de muerto is decorated with bone-like sticks and a skull-like ball at the top, all made from the same flour. Mexicans love to have it with a side of steaming hot chocolate or coffee or tea.  All Mexicans they must wait for a whole year to enjoy it, it is part of all our traditions, for it is only available during the months of October and November. This seasonal quality could be at the very core of the whole pan de muerto frenzy.

At Fiesta Mexico we want you to know everything about México trough our food and authentic flavours, ask Fiesta Mexico team about it.




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  1. I went down to Mexico City for business and it is like the movie Coco, colorful and amazing colours everywhere, I was very happy at that time in Mexico, I am glad you guys bring this amazing things, now I am gonna be able to share with family and friends.

    Thank you Fiesta Mexico.

    I can not wait to place my order.

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