Our story begins with thousands of years of tradition, culture and flavors passed down to us to share with the rest of the world. Our learning began in the heart of Mexico City, a hub full of life for all regions of the country to exchange and enjoy vibrant food. This journey then took us to Melbourne, Australia, where we have been able to fill the stomachs and the hearts of Melbourne foodies.

Melbourne is known for its life, variety and fun, much like our food. Fiesta Mexico began from the desire to share this fun, color and love through our dishes. Our food is fresh, fragrant, cheesy, spicy and vibrant all to create a Mexican Fiesta for you, your family and your tastebuds.


Our mission is to inspire love for Mexican food by sharing the true taste of Mexico and creating a delicious fiesta in your mouth.


To be Melbourne's favorite and most fun Mexican food provider. We take pride in the authenticity of our food and cook from the heart with the flavors we grew up loving. We aim to bring happiness to the plates and taste buds of everyday Australians.


We work for our community and our customers. A motivated team that shares a love for food. We are fun and friendly. We deliver delicious fresh food.